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July 11, 2018

By G. Leon

What's good Kid Coco? How's everything been going in camp? What can we expect to see from you versus J'Leon Love on August 4th on Fox? Every time I'm in a fight it's always an exciting fight, so people can expect an exciting fight no matter what. The story line is there, people have been reading into the story line and that's very important to me because now I"m fighting from a different angle. We're just going to go out there and put our best foot forward.

GL: What are your thoughts of J'Leon Love as a fighter?

Peter Quillin: "Me and J'Leon have a lot of history with each other as far as our relationship. We did an Italian Vogue magazine, we did some modeling together. The dude we shot with was one of the top five photographers in the world. Then he moved out to Cali and he got around Floyd Mayweather and it seems like somebody put a battery in his back. Not to say Floyd, but I remember Floyd Mayweather coming out to our school one time and saying you could do it, so I took it literally and I did it. Through everything I think he's a nice guy, me and him have history, I know his family and I know this is a fight he's wanted for such a long time. He's been calling for this fight, so maybe he sees something that I don't see and thinks he can caplitalize on something, but my job is to stop all of that from happening."

GL: This is a homecoming for you, but the last time you fought in New York things ain't work out too well for you. Are you looking at this fight as a chance at redemption.

PQ: "Naw, I've closed that chapter of my book and have moved on. I've opened the next chapter and New York is my home. A lot of people don't like me saying that I'm from New York City, but this is where I became a man at, so I've got a lot of support in NYC. I look forward to having a lot of people out there to support me and I'm looking forward to going out there to showcase my talent to my fans."

GL: We all know you've been working hard in the gym and I'm sure you've sparred hundreds of rounds, but in the ring you've only got eight rounds since 2015. Does that concern you at all?

PQ: "Not at all. I've been in the gym, I've been working, I had a long layoff and I had some personal stuff happen in my life that took a long time for me to get back. People thought I was damaged from the Danny fight, but I've been moved past that fight it's just some personal things outside of boxing was happening to me and I had to get that in order before I could step back in the ring. We're going to see how we do, I'm going hard in the gym, I'm pushing my body to the limit and we're going to close this next chapter of my book with me being at my best."

GL: Are you comfortable sharing these personal things you went through with us now?

PQ: "Let's just say I had to get my life together with God first and foremost. You always hear fighters saying they want to thank God for winning, or thank God for keeping them healthy, but sometimes you get a misconception of who God is and I think I was one of those people saying I want to thank God. But there's a million gods in the world, my God is the true God, the God in Bible, the God of David with Jesus being my Lord and Savior. My point right now is to be able to go proclaim that for his kingdom and let his will be done through me. I'm now an obedient servant, but I wasn't so obedient when money started to come so I had to restructure my life with God so I could be a better husband, a better father while unlearning some of the bad habits I had. I'm the first member of my family, my mom's kids and my dad's kids to get married and have kids with the same wife, so I'm proud of that. I just have to uphold that now, I just want to be a good example for kids in the neighborhood. I want them to know you could be the one they call weird for doing something that's not what they think you should do and become somebody that didn't think you could ever be. I want to be the example for those kids and let them know that when you're living in the light and being obedient to God blessings will come to you. Do you believe that?

GL: Yes I do. I'm a Christian as well.

PQ: "So we're on one accord, we're family."

GL: Other than victory, do you have a prediction for August 4th? Will the fight go the distance?

PQ: "With a fight like this I don't think it's going to go the distance, no. He may be thinks he's got something to prove or maybe he thinks that he's going to be able to do the same things Danny Jacobs did, but I'm not going to stop that from happening."

GL: What are you hoping a victory over Love leads to?

PQ: "Of course I would love to go after one of those titles. I'm older now and I'm much more wiser and I would like to be a two time champion, so anything that could lead to those big fights I'm going to be taking myself to those points. Every fight that I take from this point on has to mean something."

GL: How important is it for you to stay active moving forward? This is your first fight in eleven months and prior to that there was the the long layoff so you could get yourself back on track. Now that you feel you're in the right space mentally, physically and spiritually how important is staying active as you make this second title run?

PQ: "It's very, very important because time is of the essense right now and these young boys are coming into the game looking strong, looking hungry and they're determined. I got a lot of guys out there that's trying to showcase their ability, so I have to make sure I stay busy and active and continue to put my best foot forward. I'm back on the east coast and I'm going to be training here. I'm learning a different regiment now, I've got two kids and a wife so I train from home. I never thought I would be doing that while I was boxing. I thought I was going to get a wife when I was done boxing, but God had another plan for me."

GL: You became a grown up earlier.

PQ: "Yes I did."

GL: Wife and two kids will turn you into a grown up really f**king fast.

PQ: "My wife is mad determined that when I retire I'll be able to stay at home for the next three or four years before I think about doing anything else. I never thought that I was going to have this life as a boxer, I'm the leader of my family and my wife looks to me for the strength and the leadership, the discipline with my kids. Nobody ever taught me how to be a father, it's broad to say that, but it's very important to bring up my kids in a certain way to make sure I'm not contradicting anything about the truth that I live."

GL: Closing thoughts for the fans?

PQ: "First and foremost you know nobody can call my phone and do what you do. I want to thank you for being able to have this relationship for all these years, it's been more than fifteen years that you could still me and we still speak the same language. I appreciate you, I hope the people reading this can feel my maturity and I hope that I'm able to inspire people to be their very best versions of themself. Thank you to all my supporters, and thank you again."

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