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September 04, 2018

By G. Leon

Expect Wilder-Fury to be announced during GGG-Canelo II fight week!

What's the latest and greatest champ? Is there any update you could give us on your upcoming fight with Tyson Fury? Right now I'm back in the gym but I'm just shaking loose. I haven't really started camp yet that will be sometime in the middle of September, but my mind is already focused on the fight right now. It's definitely real and things are about to pop off very, very soon. I think we're going to have an official announcement in Las Vegas next week. 

GL: How frustrated and disappointed are you that the mega-fight with Joshua didn't happen?

Deontay Wilder: "There's so many different ways I could express that, but to be honest with you I'm just glad that's over. They know they didn't want the fight in the first place and Barry Hearn just admitted that he advised them not to take it. Barry Hearn is a big influence over what goes on over there and they took his advice on a lot of things. They don't want to fight me and they've admitted it. It makes sense though because Joshua came to me personally and told me the same thing Barry was talking about and that lets me know how big of an influence he has on them. If he never had to fight me they would be satisfied because their whole big thing is to make money, that's all the care about. They don't care about fighting the best, this is about making as much money for as little risk as possible. But they're already starting to wake up and now we're moving on. I believe this is a bigger and better fight and that's why Joshua and Povetkin isn't being talked about, the fight people are talking about is me and Tyson Fury. It's the biggest fight in the world and it's definitely going down and I can't wait."

GL: Tyson Fury is a big fight without question and one that I'm sure brings a lot of money with it, but in your opinion is he the next best challenge to you after Joshua?

DW: "Tyson Fury is the next best challenge for me after Luis Ortiz. I feel Tyson Fury is the third best heavyweight in the world. I think there's me, Luis Ortiz and Tyson Fury that are the kings of this division. I really believe that in my heart of hearts. I've just knocked out the second best heavyweight in the world and in my next fight I'm looking at the third best heavyweight in the world. It don't get no better than what I'm doing. Once I defeat Tyson Fury then everything gets put to rest. Everything that they've done, everything that's been said, everything will put to rest and the roles will be reversed. We will be on the other side of things. It's going to be a beautiful thing to see that and that's why Hearn and them are crying now because they're sad, they know and they don't want the fight to happen. They're coming up with all these different things...

GL: (cutting in) Like predicting the fight won't happen?

DW: "Yes. They're getting the media involved, but I want everyone to know the fight is definitely happening. They need to stop trying to sabotage the fight, they need to stop trying to degrade it. Anybody that doesn't think Fury is ready needs to take a f**king seat. They don't understand what it's like to be a fighter. Anybody, even if they're in the boxing world or a fighter that's saying the fight shouldn't happen needs to sit the f**k down. I'm sick and tired of outside influences trying to dictate shit on certain fights of mine. While I'm out here fighting the best they're out here coming up with nonsense while they're making lesser fights. They need to focus on what they've got going on and try to pump it up as much as they can because no matter what they do Joshua's fight is nowhere near as big as e and Tyson Fury. This man is a undefeated and he's been the heavyweight champion. He knows what it takes for him to get in shape, he knows if he's ready or not. Nobody is ready for Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua sure isn't."

GL: You said and not so subtly to somebody who's in the game like me, but our readers might not have caught what you meant with the remark, after Fury we're going to be on the other side of things. It's clear to me that you feel after defeating the next two best heavyweights, Ortiz and Fury, that you would then become the A side for any Joshua unification bout. Does that make the Joshua fight that much more difficult to make? If it's not happening now when you were conceding the lion's share of money to them, how will it happen later when you want it?

DW: "They never wanted the fight and they don't want the fight anyway so I guess we'd be doing them a favor. Joshua and Hearn have damaged his name in the United States and all over. Even across the pond they're finally waking up."

GL: You did give them $50M reasons to make the fight.

DW: "Or more. I'm just glad the fans are realizing what they are. All of their interest to fight me was nothing but a marketing scam and now they've come out and admitted it. It's obvious they don't want the fight."

GL: Both you and Joshua are represented by power brokers in the boxing industry, so you can relate to taking advice from your representation. How much of this do you think is Joshua vs it being Hearn?

DW: "It's mostly Eddie and them. Joshua would have taken the $50M. He even told my people to send where it was coming from to him personally and we happily did that for him. We did that because we want this, this is what we do this for, but he allowed outside influences like Barry Hearn, who is very much in control of his company. He knows better than to give it all away to his son and I don't fit in their agenda because they know I'm the one that wrecks everything. You don't put me in the plans when you're trying to milk the public. There's nothing but assumptions about how much money they make so people can believe certain things, but reality isn't what they're projecting. After I beat Fury we're coming! They didn't even want to give me 50%. They didn't even want to give me 40% when I asked for it, so the roles will be reversed. If the fight doesn't happen now I don't give a damn. We offered them the highest guaranteed purse in the history of boxing. He would have walked away with $50M if the fight didn't reach its full potential. That's more money than he could produce in his own country, because his country has a cap. We don't have a cap in America, here we can make unlimited amounts of money and he still didn't want to do it. "

GL: Does Fury go the distance?

DW: "No. I believe I knock him out in the mid rounds, I really believe that. It all depends on how fast I can adjust to Tyson Fury. Fury is very long and he's awkward so I'm going to have to make some adjustments to what he brings once that bell rings, but the time I settle into my rhythm he's not going to be able to take what I'm dishing out. I've been in the ring with tall awkward fighters and I don't believe he has, so that experience is going to pay a lot of dividends on fight next.

GL: Closing thoughts for the fans?

DW: "The baddest man on the planet is named Deontay Wilder and after this fight they must give me my recognition. After this fight I'm going to have more fans in the UK than Joshua does, they're already turning on him, wait until after I take care of Tyson Fury, it's going to be a wrap for them. I'm walking to my destiny and this is my manifestation, I'm a baadddd man and a little glimpse of history repeating itself. Nobody has ever seen anybody like me and you might not see another one like me for many years. I want that love now while I'm here, I don't want to have to wait until I'm gone. There's something about when people die, everybody loves them all of a sudden, I'm here now, give me the love and respect I deserve now while I'm here with y'all. I want to thank all of my fans, especially my day one's we're cruising in our Cadillac enjoying the ride but we're going to have a fight on our hands very soon, and it's going to be another Deontay Wilder knockout! BOMBZQUAD!

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