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September 04, 2018

By G. Leon

Tell us all about it Heather, you're getting ready to fight for your first world title (WBO feather) in your first pro fight at Madison Square Garden on October 27th in a rematch against Shelly Vincent. What can fans expect to see from you on fight night? Things have been going really good. My last boxing match came a year after me doing MMA training, I was just in the boxing gym for three weeks before the fight. Since then I've been in the gym fine tuning and I feel like I've gotten so much stronger from fighting MMA and I can't wait to showcase all of the new stuff I can do.

GL: Will this fight be any different than the first one? If yes, how so?

Heather Hardy: "As long as Shelly has improved it will be exactly the same as the first one. If she brings the same fight to this fight then it's going to be a hell of a lot easier for me. I've grown so much as a fighter and boxer since that fight and even my physical strength and capabilities are different now.

GL: Have you watched any of Shelly's recent fights or do you feel like you already know enough about her?

HH: "Not one of them. (laughs) I know the coaches watched her stuff, but I don't get caught into watching vidoes."

GL: What do you have to do differently this time around to be more effective against Shelly? Are there things you could be sharper on?

HH: "Of course. Every time you fight you look at what you did and the mistakes you made and you correct them. In that first fight I had my right hand down the whole fight, I wasn't moving my head on the inside and I wasn't punching well on the inside, I was throwing a lot of arm punches. If she brings a new fight it's going to be just as exciting, but if she brings that same stuff she brought last time then it's going to be a showcase fight for me."

GL: Are you disappointed that the fight isn't being shown on HBO?

HH: "No I'm furious the fight isn't being shown on HBO. Forget about the visibilty and giving us women resepct, the financial part of it is terrible. When they don't pay us as much as the guys to begin with  and then they block our sponsorship deals, I mean we can't get sponsors if we don't have visibility. HBO has seven freaking channels, they have 2,000,000 viewers on their FB live stream and they don't want to give us anything? I mean they're taking money out of our pockets. I don't give a shit if nobody saw and the promoter paid us double, but they're paying us such a small amount of money and then blocking us from making more and it's really a hard pill to swallow."

GL: So a world title fight won't be a sexy payday, damn.

HH: "Not at all. By the time I pay my coaches and my light bill, I'll be lucky to have enough money to take my daughter on a shopping spree for new school clothes, I might. That's a true fact. I'm eight weeks out and have two months of training that has to go into it."

GL: What does a win in this fight mean to you?

HH: "When I win this fight I get to hang up my banner at Gleason's Gym as one of their world champions. Bruce bought me that banner a long, long time ago. He said I know you're going to be a world champion Heather so it's in the office, now all you got to do is bring home that world title. This is my first shot at one and I'm going to come out of there dead before I come out of there without my belt."

GL: Will a win in this fight end your MMA career?

HH: "I don't want to say that because I really am taking the rest of my career one fight at a time. For enough money I'd go back in the cage, for enough money I'd go back in the ring. The only reason I'm even doing this fight is because there's a world title on the line. Without the title, I don't think it would have even made sense for me."

GL: I was going to ask you that because you feel that you handle Shelly convincingly enough the first time so this would have been a difficult fight for you to get up for without the title being involved.

HH: "The only reason I even agreed to it is because of the world title and I want my banner in Gleason's Gym. If for some reason this winds up being my last fight I want to go out winning a title."

GL: Your last fight, give me a break. You've waited this long to fight for a title and you're going to retire as world champion. I don't see that happening.

HH: "It could be. If it don't make dollars it don't make sense. I'm 36 years years old, I've had broken noses and concussions, how much longer am I going to do this for pennies? I'm not going to keep doing this and hardly get paid for this. I'm not closing my ears, we'll see what's out there after I win this fight."

GL: Closing thoughts?

HH: "We don't get as much money and we're not getting airtime. Part of our purse comes in ticket sales so if you're coming to watch me and Shelly fight don't get your tickets on ticketmaster, get them directly from us. I have the link on all of my social media pages, so all Danny Jacobs and Brooklyn Boxing fans buy your tickets from us!" 

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