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September 04, 2018

By G. Leon

Opening remark: "My training camp has been great, I feel great. My speed, power and eveyrthing is coming back I feel like I'm 25 years old!

Q: You mentioned that you feel 25 years old, but you're not. Do you train differently now then you did when you were 25 years old?

GGG: "I'm training very well, I feel great and I train like a person who is 36 years of age."

Abel Sanchez: "I do train everybody similarly, but I modify that when a fighter gets older so he doesn't leave it all the gym. It's all about making the schedule that's best for him."

Q: Do you think Canelo fought you like a runner in the first fight?

GGG: "Watching his fighting style earlier, not just the last September fight, he would always have a way of running in the ring, but it was his style. What happened in our last fight he was really avoiding close range fighting with me. What he's trying to say right now just proves that he's not going to keep his word. It doesn't matter what he says, let him say whatever he wants."

Q: This would be a record breaking middlewight title defense for you. What does that mean to you to have defended your title more than any other middleweight champion?

GGG: "It's very important for me to beat this record. It's two types of victory, to beat this record and beat Canelo."

Tom Loeffler: "It would be a tremendous accomplishment if he's able to break Bernard's record. A lot of people thought that was untouchable, but he's the longest reigning champion in boxing. Regardless of what you say about both guys, this is the biggest fight in boxing. To be on this stage and break the record and beat Canelo would be a huge accomplishment for him."

Q: Is there any frustration or regret that this fight didn't happen five years ago? Can this be the mega-fight everyone wants to see?

GGG: "It's quite possible. Not five years ago, but two years ago they didn't want to fight us. They even gave us one of the belts to try to avoid us."

Q: Canelo's team has said you're like a donkey who does the same thing all of the time. How do you respond to that?

GGG: "I don't even want to go so low to their level with statements like that. It shows a lack of class and intelligence. It shows how they behave themselves. I'm never able to say something like this about anybody."

Q: What makes Abel Sanchez such a good trainer?

GGG: "You should ask the commission who considers him the best trainer in the world."

Q: How have you grown as a fighter with Abel Sanchez?

GGG: "I haven't really changed, but I haven't became worse. I am really thankful for Abel for not brining any illegal and banned substances into my career. He hasn't taught me anything that wasn't allowed in boxing. I'm thankful to have such a great coach."

Q: Do you see any third match with Canelo in your future?

GGG: "I want to punish him for all of the bad things him and his team have done. I want to put them in their place."

Q: How you ever faced anybody that you've disliked as much as you seem to dislike Canelo? Does that effect your training camp?

GGG: "I always do my 100% and approach every fight seriously. I always do my best. Canelo and his team continue to speak this nonsense and discredit themselves. I have nothing to say about that anymore."

Q: Will you shake Canelo's hand after the fight after all that's been said?

GGG: "Nobody knows how it will end, but nobody is going to congratulate anybody, that's for sure."

Q: Do you feel that you're fighting for your legacy?

GGG: "Of course. Everybody understands thay, everybody who is honest understands that this is a big fight for my legacy."

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