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September 05, 2018


The great Lupe Pintor, a Mexcian boxing star from 1974-1995, has written an autobiography in cooperation with  journalist Hector Leal Ortiz. Pintor had a long reign in the late 1970s and early 80s as WBC bantamweight champion and also captured the WBC super bantamweight title. "For me it is a pleasure to be able to share my history and tell my experience in this wonderful career that has given me so much satisfaction.

“I am excited to remember and immortalize two men to whom I owe the success of my career, who believed in me and motivated me to be better every day, of course I refer to Cuyo Hernández who was my manager and my dear Don José Sulaiman [the late WBC president],” modestly and typically said Pintor at a WBC gathering.

“Today I can say that I was always be a proud champion, I had a long career, where I fell but I also learned to get up. Fights are won in the gym but also with the courage and passion that only those of us who love boxing possess. I thank each people who made this book possible, because to capture my boxing history is to crystallize a dream because today I share with you all a part of my life, of my memories."

Pintor (56-14-2) is remembered mainly for the epic fight against Carlos Zárate in 1979, where he won the WBC bantamweight title. He stressed that his life would not have been the same without boxing and that today he is grateful to this sport for all that It has, but above all, the affection and admiration of the fans.  

For his part, co-author Héctor Leal Ortiz, told the WBC: "When I was a child, I saw his fights, especially against Carlos Zarate and Wilfredo Gomez. So to write about Lupe Pintor was a great desire. He was one of the best Mexican fighters in history. Lupe hasn't drank alcohol or taken drugs nor cigarettes. He's always looking to his family.  Lupe has balance in his life, and as a boxer he was just wonderful. He was one of the best ever bantamweight champions. He had eight defenses, he was super bantamweight champion. He is one of the very best. It has been an honor [to write this book with him]." source: wbc

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