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September 06, 2018

By G. Leon


Amanda Serrano: I want to thank Showtime, DiBella and Barclay's Center for the opportunity. Come Saturday night I'm super excited, six divisions and that's up there with two of the greatest men, Oscar [De La Hoya] and Manny Pacquiao. I've won all of my titles by knockout and I'm looking to keep that trend going. I want thank Yamila Reynoso for taking the fight, she's a bigger girl and I'm expecting a great fight so make sure you don't miss it on Saturday night.

Serrano On what becoming six-division champ would mean: It would mean everything, it's a great honor for me to be there with them. I hope I'm doing something for the other women in this sport, I'm looking to break down barriers for the other young women and I'm looking to cement my position in the hall of fame."

Adam Kownacki on win getting him a title fight: "Yes I think so. On Saturday night everybody will know my name and will have it on their lips as the next heavyweight champion. Last year my fight with Artur Spzilka was my appetizer and this is my main course."

Charles Martin on a winning proving he's back: "Absolutely. Saturday night I'm going to put myself back where I need to be."

Message Martin wants to send to rest of heavyweight division: "I belong here." 

Cesar Barrionuevo Opening Remarks: "Good afternoon to everyone. I'm very happy to be here, I want to thank Showtime for the opportunity. It will be a great fight and I'm ready to go a great show on Saturday night, I'm ready to perform."

Yordenis Ugas On a win getting him a title fight: Good afternoon to everyone, I want to thank Showtime. This is a going to be a great fight, he's a great fighter and it's an honor to be on such a big card. On Saturday night I'm coming to perform and I'm going to win. I think I've been the most consistent fighter for the last two years, I'm going to put on a great performance on Saturday and the rest will speak for itself."

Danny Garcia On what separates him from Shawn Porter: I want to thank God, I want to thank my team, Team Garcia, Al Haymon, Showtime. What separates me from Shawn Porter is I just feel I'm a better all around fighter and that's it."

Shawn Porter on a victory putting in the same category as Crawford, Spence and Thurman: Most definitely and especially the way I'm going to win this fight. What I do to this man next to me and how I win, you're going to wonder if those guys have what it takes to beat me. I'm here to put on a great show, win this champioship and do it in fantastic form."

Danny Garcia on being accused of cherry picking: "If I'm a cherry picker doesn't that make Porter a cherry. I guess I don't have to say too much about that."

Shawn Porter on being the underdog: "I'm used to it. I know people have won money on me before and it wasn't because I was the guy expected to win. There's going to be a lot of people out there about to win a lot of money, this is what I do and I love it. He's not fighting a cherry on Saturday, he's fighting a Pitbull and he knows that."

Danny Garcia on Thurman Prediction: "My style is going to be different with Shawn than it was for Keith Thurman. Styles make fights, I know I'm the better boxer than Shawn Porter and on Saturday night I'm going to show I'm going to let me nuts hang."

SP: Styles make fights, I know that's an unbiased opinion from Keith and I respect. Had he gone the other way I would have respected because he's been in the ring with both of us. I'm going to do whatever it takes to win this fight, there's nothing I've ever wanted more than this. On Saturday night I'm taking those nuts. I'm taking any and everything he's coming with."

DG: "I'm trying to have more kids so don't hit me with no low blows please."

SP: "Whatever it takes."

DG: "I told you I'm trying to have fun, but that sounded like some weird fun."

Porter on what WBC title means to him: It means the world to me, I've been in a lot of great fights, I've been in a lto of tough fights, I'm a seasoned champion. This is like getting my lunch money back from a bully, this feels like one of those moments where I have to prove myself that I'm still one of the best fighters in the world."

Garcia On Unification with Spence being next : Absolutely. If the money's right. I want the biggest fights and the biggest paydays. I'm at the point of my career where this would be my fourth world. I've faced everyone they put in front of me, at this point it's all about the moolah, the money. I want to have more kids."

Porter: "It means the world to me, this is my goal. I'm a very goal oriented person. I accomplish my goals, that's who I am. I didn't know this fight was going to be for the WBC title, but once it was on the line it became my ultimate motivation

SP: Expect Danny Garcia to have the shortest ass chapter he's ever had. It's going down on Saturday night, that belt is coming back to Vegas with me."

DG: "This is nothing to new to me, I've put in the work and it's been a long hard summer. I missed my daughters first day of preschool, so I'm sacrificing. I feel good and on Saturday night I'm going to win the fight because I'm a better boxer and a true champion."

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