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September 06, 2018


Press Release: What did you learn about yourself and Canelo in the first fight?  Is that going to help you in the rematch? So many people show me their true face during and after the first fight with Canelo.  I am talking about lots of different people.  I know who I am and I know who Canelo is, and what he has become.  I know what kind of people I am dealing with in this rematch, what everyone is about.  I do not think about the first fight anymore.  I did not lose that fight.  I walked out of the ring with all my belts, still the world champion.  The second fight is much bigger and more interesting.  The last fight was a good experience because it was a learning experience.  Now it is a different situation. I understand the situation. I now know that boxing is not just a sport. It is a business.  That is one thing I learned from the first fight.  So from that I learned how to deal with this rematch.  I learned how to deal with Canelo and his promoter.  Now we have new judges and a new referee.  The world will see a new fight and different sides of that fight. I have worked very hard in this training camp, building myself up.  It has been very exciting because I have been working on new things with Abel.  Every day has been a good day.  I am very happy and very strong.  This will be the biggest fight for boxing.  I cannot wait to give the fans a great fight, an exciting fight, a Mexican Style fight.  This is a battle between the two best middleweights.  To me, it is a fight about honor.  This time I am fighting for a lot more than my world championship belts.

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