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September 10, 2018

By G. Leon

Will a victory on Saturday be the last we see of GGG?

Only four of your 20 title defenses have gone past the ninth round. You appeared to tire and fade down the stretch versus Canelo in the first fight. Do you have to pace yourself better this time? What do you have to do to prevent that from happening again? My only concern is that I fight my fight. I am in the best shape of my career and I feel like I am 25.

GL: The great Marvin Hagler once said that it's tough to get out of bed for roadwork at 5am when you're sleeping in silk pajamas. You've made quite a bit of money in boxing, so are you just as motivated and hungry right now as you were when you first became champion? If you feel that you are, what is it that's keeping you hungry and motivated?

Gennady Golovkin: "My dream when I started boxing was to be a world champion.  I like being a world champion.  I am not ready to give up that dream.  I want to stay world champion and that is why I work hard in training camp every day.  It is the only way to stay champion.   Coach [Abel Sanchez] sets the schedule and I follow it."

GL: If you're victorious on September 15th, what are the chances that this will be your last fight?

GGG: "Ask me after the September 15 fight. I feel good and strong right now. If the fans still want me to fight we will see."

GL: Are you concerned that if the fight is remotely close the judges are going to give it to Canelo in order to ensure a third fight between the two of you?

GGG: "I am going to do my job. I am a boxer. I hope the judges do their job."  

GL: Will this fight go the distance if he looks to engage with you more often?

GGG: "I am looking for a hard fight for both of us. I have trained for 12 rounds.  I cannot predict how this fight will go or how it will end. What I do know is I have had a great training camp and Abel Sanchez has added a few new things to my training that has me very excited. I cannot wait until September 15 and the Big Drama Show."

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