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September 10, 2018

By G. Leon

Following first six round distance fight, blue chipper wants Mayweather Promotions to keep him more active

Congrats on your victory, can you give us some thoughts on your performance? I thought it was a good performance. If I had to grade it I would give myself a C+ or a B-. I can't all the way downgrade my performance because I had a hand injury coming ito the fight so I couldn't spar or hit the bag for a little while, so I had to just rest it and hope for the best. There was some mornings when I woke up and I couldn't even make a fist. I knew there was going to be pain when I threw my power shots, but I had to block it out of mind and get it done. I felt like I could have done a lot more with my jab, but like I said I couldn't really do too much. I knew the opponent was going to be tough even though he got stopped by a kid I fought in the amateurs, but he also went the distance with another kid that I grew up with in the amateurs and that kid is a much heavier kid and a bigger puncher than I am. I knew there was a chance he would good the distance and I got the rounds in, which is very important to me, I needed to get some rounds under my belt. I felt like I made it a little harder than it had to be because I was chasing the stoppage, but it was easy for me, I punished him and it felt great."

GL: After back to back early nights those rounds are just what the doctor ordered. When you dropped him in the first round, did you think he would go the distance?

Richardson Hitchins: "Yes. When I first dropped him it was a delayed reaction. I feel like I hit him with a good punch, but he was also off balance. But there was a point in the fight where I was landing a lot of combinations on him and he wasn't really punching back so I thought they was going to stop it."

GL: You were killing him to the body.

RH: "I think I could have gotten him out of there with a body shot and even though I was putting in good work there, I wasn't really sitting down on my punches because my hands was hurting so bad in the fight, that I was only trying to hit him in the middle of his stomach because I was worried that I would have to take a knee if I caught one of his elbows. I was conscious of that, but I knew I could land shots around his elbow, but if I was ripping shots and caught his elbow it was going to hurt severely, so I had to pick my shots. That's why I was throwing a lot of uppercuts."

GL: Are you concerned that this hand issue will keep you out of action?

RH: "Naw, I 'm not concerned. I know what the problem is, I had the same problem in the Olympics and they would give me ibuprofren for it, but in the pro's you can't take any medications like that, so I had to deal with the problem and try to ice it and that's what I'm going to do now since I'm not going to be fighting no time soon."

GL: What's the exact problem?

RH: "It's inflamed and swollen. I've been having this problem for a while and it's not a big deal, nothing is broken or fractured, so I'm good."

GL: You just said you're not going to be fighting no time soon, so when can we expect you in the ring?

RH: "Naw, I'm fighting in November, the first week of November in Las Vegas on the Mayweather Promotions card."

GL: Will it be your first eight or another six?

RH: "It's going to be my first eight. This was supposed to be my first eight, but the card was so tightly packed that they had to make it a six at the last minute."

GL: What did you think about the main event?

RH: "I thought it was close fight, but Shawn took in the later rounds and he finished stronger. Danny fought like a true champion, Danny had the right game plan, but so did Shawn and Shawn executed his a little bit better. He knew Danny could be outboxed, and he knew he could outfight him if he had to. I feel like he executed that perfectly. I definitely would like to see it again."

GL: Closing thoughts?

RH: "I just want the fans to keep watching me, I'm learning every single day. I'm 6-0 and this is my second year as a pro and I've barely been active as a fighter. People also have to look at that because you're not seeing me every other month it's hard to notice the improvements. I'm fighting in April and then not fighting again all the way to September. A fighter like me needs to be more active, because that kind of could mess with you mentally. Mike Tyson said and I remember this from when I was a kid, an active fighter is a dangerous fighter. I'm young and I feel like I'm supposed to be more active and hopefully Mayweather Promotions keeps me more active moving forward. Follow me on social media, my IG is @richardsonhitchins and on twitter @heisrichardson. 

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