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September 12, 2018


Press Release: In the opening fight on Saturday's HBO pay-per-view telecast, former four-division champion Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez (46-2) from Nicaragua makes his ring return against experienced Mexican Moises Fuentes (25-5-1) in a ten-round super flyweight battle. The main event features Gennady "GGG" Golovkin defending his world middleweight title vs. former champion Saul "Canelo" Alvarez.  Here is what Gonzalez had to say on a media conference call:

Q. Roman, it's been one year since your fight with Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, obviously a rough knockout loss. In the one year since that fight, what kind of doubts did you have about what you still had left to offer boxing as you were getting ready for your comeback? Did you have doubts about what you could still do?

Roman Gonzalez: It was definitely a very difficult year from the loss that I suffered to Srisaket Sor Rungvisai. I believe the wisdom to be able to overcome this situation -- I believe that I'm back in the ring and I'm coming in great condition and I definitely want to win the fight, like every other boxer, and I believe that I am starting to set up my comeback.

Q. You've done so much and you're going to be in the Hall of Fame someday, for sure. You've won titles in four weight classes and made a lot of history and been in a lot of great fights. At age 31 and in a small weight class, what do you still want to accomplish and what do you believe is left for you to do?

RG: I'm very happy because of the situation and the accolades you just mentioned, about probably being in the Hall of Fame, but I feel that I still would like to obtain a fifth world title.

Q. In a different weight class?

RG: Yes.

Q. Just out of curiosity, also, what's the exact contract weight for this fight?

RG: 115 super flyweight.

Q. Given that you were undefeated for so many years and then you've had losses back-to-back to the same opponent, do you think that it was just a bad style match up for you that caused you to have the two losses in a row, or is it something else?

RG: I believe the knock out -- very strong boxer and he does have a difficult style, a style that complicates boxing. When I was inside the boxing ring, I got hit and I feel he's a really good boxer and great champion. But at the same time, I also feel -- I'm able to be back in the ring.

Q. What about the fans --

RG: I don't give too much importance to the fans that don't want to follow me. I give importance to the fans that do follow me. Everybody has their own opinion and their way of choosing the fighter they want. I love them all and I wish that God blesses everyone in this fight. I'm very happy and I feel this is a great opportunity, and I'm ready to be able to overcome this tough year and be able to fight again.

Q. Moises, If September 15th, do you believe this is your coming out party? Everyone is expecting you to win and to do good and come out on top. But what happens if that day, you come out on top? Is that a dream come true? Would that be a dream come true?

MOISES FUENTES: Absolutely. You know, I have a chance like everybody else. Nothing is written in boxing. I feel that I can beat Roman. It will definitely be something out of a dream, but I'm ready to fight and I hope I can beat him that Saturday.

Q. Roman, we know that you have a very important relationship in your life with God. I'm wondering, what kind of advice or conversations you might have had with God in the last year or so, as you're looking whether to retire, whether to come back, and after your losses? What has that relationship been like, and how important has that been in guiding you?

RG: I'm so thankful to God. I believe God keeps being my guide and always will be my God and I pray to God for everything and I thank God for all the blessings I've got through boxing and for being healthy. I ask God to take care of me in the ring, and I believe that I will succumb to whatever God's will is on September 15th.

Q. Are you nearer the end of your career than the beginning, and do you think about your legacy, and how would you like people to remember you on the day that you retire at some time in the future? How do you want people to remember you?

RG: I believe everything that you put this God's hand, that will come true, so I want people to see me as somebody to give them hope, a champion that will be a great fighter, made it possible, coming from nothing.

Q. How close did you actually come to retiring and is there a point where you felt you would retire and what changed your mind in terms of coming back and fighting?

RG: Very close. I really wanted to retire because I wanted to spend time with my children, which I had not been able to, due to so much determination within my career and the training and whatnot. But at the same time, I spoke to my family, and my family encouraged me, as well as myself, to be able to fight in the ring and I feel it wasn't my time. It wasn't my time, and now I'm ready to fight once again September 15th.

Q. How much of your decision was that you didn't want to end your career on the type of loss that you had last year?

RG: No, that has nothing to do with it. I wanted to fight. I believe I've received a lot of blessings for world titles, being ranked for a time as the No. 1 pound for pound, and I believe that is enough, but I was just happy to have the opportunity again.

Q. You haven't fought in a year now. How has that rejuvenated you? How has that helped refresh your mind and your body over the past year?

RG: I feel I've rejuvenated a lot. It's really helped me be able to come back.

Q. If you win, do you feel you're in position to fight for another title? You have a lot of cache in the sport. Where do you feel you would be if you win this fight?

RG: Yes, I want to first finish this fight and then I'll look forward to the next fight.

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