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January 10, 2019

By Scott Shaffer

The WBC has announced new weigh-in procedures, including a same-day weigh-in requirement similar to the procedure already required in IBF title fights. First, when boxers sign for a WBC title fight, the WBC wil require the promoter to disclose the weights of both boxers at the time they sign the contract. The WBC will continue with its existing thirty- and seven-day ore-fight requirement but will also add a new fourteen-day pre-fight weight check.  

Thirty days out, boxers must be no more than 10% over the weight limit; fourteen days out, the allowance drops to a 5% overage, and one week prior to the fight, boxers must be within 3% of the weight limit. Fines and penalties will apply for non-compliance.  

As for the day-of-the-fight weigh-in, the WBC will require promoters to arrange with the local boxing commission and WBC supervisor to have a scale at the site of the bout in order to have both boxers weigh upon arrival the day of the fight. Boxers will not be permitted to exceed 10% of the weight from the official weigh-in.  

However, the WBC stopped short of saying a boxer would not be able to fight for the WBC title if the 10% limit was exceeded: the WBC website said withdrawal of the sanction was an option, but also allowed for warnings and fines to be issued in lieu of a sanction withdrawal. 

Boxingtalk commends the WBC for instituting these requirements, which are designed for boxer safety.

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