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January 12, 2019


"The speed and the power are still there"

Press Release: Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, boxing’s only eight-division champion, is ending his two-year hiatus from a U.S. boxing ring to defend his WBA regular title against former four-division champion  Adrien “The Problem” Broner on Saturday, January 19th in the main event of a pay-per-view show from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  

Here is what Manny had to say at a recent media event:

Manny Pacquiao: Hello everyone.  Good morning. I feel so happy and excited for the fight on January 19th and we’re ready - it’s all set.

Q: Manny, you’ve been now a professional for 24 years and I wonder, as all the big fights that you’ve had, what it is that still motivates you to keep boxing?  

M. Pacquiao: I’m still passionate about the sport of boxing and boxing is my passion and that’s why I’m still here continuing fighting.  I really love boxing and that’s why I’m always excited and preparing for my fight to be settled on January 19.

Q: Are there any things particular that you still want to accomplish?  

M. Pacquiao: Talking about accomplishments, I really have accomplished what I want to accomplish in life.  What I want to do is to maintain and stay at this level.

Q: Manny, are there any concessions or changes that you’ve had to make due to your age?  

M. Pacquiao: The routine of my training is the same.  Jog in the morning and train in the afternoon.  But we have a couple of adjustments in training specifically for recovery.  Because sometimes we push ourselves heavy in training in the day and then I we’ll see if overnight I can recover, and then we’ll push again. But if I cannot recover then I let my body rest so that the following day it can push again and work hard.

Q: What was it that lead you to take fights away from the Unites States?

M. Pacquiao: I think it just happened that some promoters and some people are most of the people they wanted me to fight there to see me live in-person.  So, that’s an opportunity for them that they can see my fight.

Q: I just got off the phone with Freddie Roach and he said he thinks that you have the old killer instinct back. Is there indeed the return of a killer instinct and do you have more of a mindset of going for the knockout in this fight?

M. Pacquiao: That’s true I still have that killer instinct and the fire in my eyes is still there.  That aggressiveness, the interest in this career is still there 100%.  The speed, the power are still there.  I’m so thankful to God.  I’m not saying I’m going to predict for this fight.  I will do my best and I look forward to this the same as the last fight.  But no prediction, I will do my best with what we did in training camp.

Q: Would you tell us what you said to Floyd Mayweather when you saw him at the basketball game the other day? 

M. Pacquiao: Surprisingly, I didn’t know that he was there at the game.  I was invited on that Filipino Heritage Night at the Clippers’ game.  I didn’t know that he was there and then when they were throwing t-shirts to the crowds I saw him.  And then I just said hello.  That’s it.

Q: Regarding the Floyd Mayweather [rematch] whether or not it’s going to happen. Has it gotten to a point where you kind of feel a little annoyed with the question?  

M. Pacquiao: You cannot avoid the people that will ask if there’s a rematch with Floyd Mayweather because I think they have a big question mark in their mind and also in their heart about that what happened in that fight. I’m just answering them that I don’t have a plan yet.  I’m very focused on this fight January 19th against Adrien Broner because Broner is a former champion and he’s the kind of fighter that you cannot underestimate or take him lightly.

Q: What did it feel like having Freddie Roach back in your corner helping you prepare for a fight?  

M. Pacquiao: Freddie’s never out of Team Pacquiao it just happened that I wanted Buboy to experience being a head trainer in one fight.  But it’s a good thing that we’re working here again and I like to be back here in Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles and back again in Las Vegas for a fight.  I think that it’s good for us to be united and focused for this coming fight next week.

Q: Was the talent at welterweight a bit of a motivating factor to sign with PBC and potentially get those types of dream matches and turning them into a reality?

M. Pacquiao: I think after this fight it’s easy to talk about my next opponent. That’s very easy but right now my plan is one at a time, because -- as they said -- I am 40 years old.   I’m focused for this fight against Adrien Broner.  One at a time.  After the fight on January 19 that night then we can talk about my next fight.

Q: Could you rank your top five opponents as far as preparing for the fight and degree of difficulty?  

M. Pacquiao: I think my top opponents are Oscar De La Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez, Marco Antonio Barrera, Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather, Erik Morales and Ricky Hatton.

Q: What challenge does Adrien pose?  

M. Pacquiao: We know already about his counter-punching.  I know that he will wait for me and counter like Marquez did.  I’m prepared for that and it will not happen again.  I learned in the past and I have to correct my mistake.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about what you felt when you saw Mayweather fight on New Year’s Eve and is there any comparison between Adrien Broner and Floyd Mayweather?

M. Pacquiao: Adrien Broner is not a tune up fight.  He’s a former champion.  He’s fast, he moves fast and he’s a good boxer.  And that’s why I don’t want to talk about my next fight until we finish this. I finish this business against Adrien Broner on January 19th. 
And about the exhibition of Floyd Mayweather in Japan, it’s my first time to see an exhibition that you knock your opponent out. Supposedly an exhibition is just to entertain people and nothing serious for three rounds.  That’s what I understand about exhibitions.

Q: Do you have the desire to once again to be the undisputed welterweight champion? 

M. Pacquiao: Let me take care of this January 19th and then I have to worry about who is my opponent next. I have no problem to fight anybody as long as there’s not a problem about negotiation.  But my plan is just one at a time.

Q: What do you think of Adrien Broner as an opponent and as a person heading into January 19th?

M. Pacquiao: It’s unfair to him that people are thinking that he’s not a serious challenge for me.  No, Adrien Broner is a good boxer, he’s a high-caliber boxer.  He’s a former champion and he’s the kind of fighter that you cannot underestimate or take him lightly.  

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